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  • 5 Best Dog Toys for Chewers

    A dog chewing on a ball.

    Dogs are natural-born chewers, and it’s important to provide them with toys that can withstand their enthusiastic appetites. Here are 5 of the best dog toys for chewers: Kong Extreme Dog Toy KONG – Extreme Dog Toy – Toughest Natural Rubber, Black – Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch – For Large Dogs: This durable […]

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  • Touching Ways to Remember a Beloved Pet

    Old Dog

    Losing a beloved pet is never easy. Whether it’s your loyal dog, your cuddly cat, or a smaller animal, it’s hard to deal with no longer having them there to greet you every day. When a pet dies, finding a way to remember them can help you to process the loss. It gives you something […]

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  • No Pull Dog Harnesses

    Dog wearing a harness

    If your dog pulls on the lead, conventional collars can hurt your dog’s neck. The answer is to invest in a no pull dog harness for a more pleasurable and safer walk. Do No-pull Dog Harnesses Work? Yes, no-pull dog harnesses do work. When the dog pulls the pressure is not on the neck but […]

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  • Should Dogs Wear Life Jackets?

    Dog wearing a life jacket

    Are you taking your dog away with you this year? If you’re going to the beach, a lake, a canal holiday, or anywhere with deep water or water with strong currents, you should consider getting your dog a life jacket.  Are Dogs Required to Wear Life Jackets on Boats? As with humans, dogs are required to […]

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  • Silent Dog Tags

    Silent dog tags

    Dog tags can be annoying when you want a bit of peace and quiet, especially if you’re trying to sleep and the dog is near you scratching. If you’re in the middle of watching a film, that jingle can spoil your viewing every time your dog moves about. There are silent dog tags that can […]

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  • Marvin the Moose KONG Review

    Marvin the Moose KONG Review

    Marvin the Moose is from KONG’s stuffed toys line and is intended for more gentle dogs who don’t usually chew stuffed toys. This toy is great for dogs who enjoy stuffed companions and those that like gently gnawing at their toys. Marvin the Moose is made with “minimal stuffing” per KONG but still makes a […]

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