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If your older dog has trouble walking long distances, buying a dog stroller will be an enormous help. Your dog will be able to enjoy longer periods out and about in the fresh air by being pushed around in his own buggy, a bit like a baby! A dog buggy is also ideal if your dog has been injured and isn’t allowed to go out for a walk for a while. Here are some tips to consider when looking to purchase a stroller.

Strength and Durability

Older dogs tend to be heavier, especially because of not being able to exercise as much due to age. When buying a stroller for your dog, weight must be put into consideration.

Since old dogs tend to be heavier, getting a durable and strong stroller for your dog is essential.

Purpose of the dog stroller

There are different types of strollers made for different purposes. There are strollers meant for going for walks, jogging, shows and other purposes. Old dogs do not like to be rushed or carried recklessly. The most suitable stroller will be one that is easy to push around and then folds up to put in the car.

Dog Stroller Features

A dog stroller feature that’s a must for an old dog is a canopy or inbuilt umbrella. The canopy will protect the dog from sunlight and rain. The stroller should additionally contain adjustable features. For instance, the seat should be adjustable and padded for comfort. Some strollers have a basket underneath to store items which can come in very handy. Others have cup holders and a tray for storing doggie snacks or personal belongings.

Where can I buy a dog stroller?

Dog strollers can be bought online and delivered to your door. Amazon has a good selection to choose from. You could also try eBay, The Range, Pets at Home, Etsy and Robert Dyas.

Getting a dog stroller gives your dog a better quality of life in old age. The worst thing for a dog is to be left cooped up in the house all day. This way you can enjoy each other’s company and both be happy.

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Enhance your older dog's outdoor experience with a dog stroller. Find tips for choosing the right one & explore a top-selling, durable model. Give your furry friend a better quality of life!
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