Dog Behaviour/Habits

Help your dog overcome fear and find out why dogs behave the way they do. Find out how to correct unwanted behaviour.

  • What Causes Destructive Chewing In Dogs & How Do You Stop It?

    A puppy chewing up a sofa

    Inappropriate or destructive chewing in both young and adult dogs often leads to extensive destruction of personal property when not corrected. Destructive chewing can also erode the strong bond you share with your dog over time. It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to correct this behaviour while your pet is still young so that […]

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  • Are Pitbull Terriers Aggressive?

    Pitbull Terrier

    We have all heard that pit bulls that they are vicious, aggressive dogs genetically wired to attack and maim. That they are made for fighting and do not have the temperament to be loyal and trustworthy pets. But, the truth of the matter is that these types of dogs are often less likely to have […]

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  • 8 Ways to Know If Your Dog Is Stressed

    8 Ways to Know If Your Dog Is Stressed

    How do you cope when you’re anxious? You scream, slam the door, bang the table, or even cry. Imagine your dog undergoing the same experience. No one to tell what it’s feeling. It’s a pity, right? Many people suffer from stress. Dogs too experience the same thing. The only difference is that dogs can’t voice […]

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  • How to Stop Your Dog Barking at Everything

    How to stop your dog barking at everything

    Do you have a dog that barks at everything? Common triggers are the doorbell, the postman, barking at neighbours, birds or any sudden noise. Here are some tips on how to stop your dog barking. Don’t Shout At Your Dog Don’t shout at your dog to be quiet. Your dog will think you’re barking along […]

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  • What Causes Fear of Dogs and How to Overcome It

    What Causes Fear of Dogs and How to Overcome It

    What Causes Fear of Dogs? The most common cause of fear of dogs is having a bad expericne with one, especially at a young age. An experience such as being chased, bitten or growled at by a dog as a child can cause long-lasting fear into adulthood. Cynophobia If you have a fear of dogs […]

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  • My Dog Bites – Now What?

    My Dog Bites - Now What?

    A bite of a dog can be very dangerous and scary and should not be taken lightly. When a dog bites someone, the owner can be left with a feeling of despair, helplessness, and fear for what might happen to their dog. After all, we all love our dogs. In this article, we will discuss […]

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  • Destructive Chewing In Dogs

    Dogs have been domesticated for centuries. They live close by our sides, we treat them as part of the family and our own emotions and behaviour have been learned by them. Dogs can be jealous, bored, hateful and spiteful. Boredom The most common cause of chewing is boredom, apart from when the dog was a […]

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  • How to stop a dog from digging holes

    How to stop a dog from digging holes

    When my dog was young, I had a problem with him digging holes in our back garden. He used to do it right in the centre of the lawn. I was forever having to go out there and fill the holes with soil and sprinkle grass seed over the top. Luckily he grew out of […]

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  • How Do Dogs Communicate?

    How Do Dogs Communicate?

    Experts believe that the connection between man and dog has been around for over 10,000 years, dating back to South China, who may have had the first domesticated dogs. And as we evolved over that span, so has our connection with our canine friends. And most importantly, how they communicate with us* and each other. […]

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