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What Causes Fear of Dogs and How to Overcome It

What Causes Fear of Dogs?

The most common cause of fear of dogs is having a bad expericne with one, especially at a young age.

An experience such as being chased, bitten or growled at by a dog as a child can cause long-lasting fear into adulthood.


If you have a fear of dogs you suffer from Cynophobia which can affect your life quite significantly. It’s not as common as a fear of spiders which most people have. Dog lovers can find it hard to understand why you would be scared of a creature they adore so much.

You may be scared of visiting friend’s houses who have dogs or even going to the park because of the number of dogs there. Do you avoid going to places to avoid dogs? If dogs affect your life so much that you’re avoiding everywhere and can’t have a normal life, it’s time to get some form of help.

How do I get Rid of My Fear of Dogs?

There are ways to help you get rid of your fear of dogs or at least help you to a certain extent so that you are not quite as scared and can be in the same room as a dog.

Self-Help Books

Self-help books may help with your fears. One example is *Cynophobia: Practical Hacks on How To Overcome the Fear of Dogs which has positive feedback. This author of this book claims they can help you in less than 14 days.

Self Hypnosis

This *Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy CD has 2 hypnosis sessions to choose from; Bedtime Hypnosis and Listen & Wake.

Hypnosis works by influencing your subconscious mind and is effective in programming your mind to overcome fear.

Desensitisation Therapy

This is also known as exposure therapy. Working with a therapist, you’d gradually be exposed to dogs which are the cause of your phobia until they no longer scare you.

Are you scared of dogs? Have you overcome your fear? Please let us know!

What causes fear of dogs and how to overcome it.
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