Dog Breeds

Find information on various dog breeds to help you to select the best breed for your family. If you’re an allergy sufferer, see our list of allergy-friendly pets.

5 Easy To Train Dog Breeds

border collie puppy

When choosing a dog, it is important to know what breeds are more receptive to training. It requires more patience and more hours of training if you end up sheltering a disobedient dog. Between so many choices, sometimes it can be hard to choose the ideal breed. But here are 5 of the most trainable […]

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Purebred or Shelter Dog?

A woman fussing dogs at a dog shelter

You have decided to get a family dog, but are torn between adopting a mixed breed shelter dog versus purchasing a purebred from a breeder. Before making that final purchase decision, take a step back and review your circumstances, expectations in a dog, and what you perceive as the perfect family dog. Many groups encourage […]

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Are Pitbull Terriers Aggressive?

Pitbull Terrier

We have all heard that pit bulls that they are vicious, aggressive dogs genetically wired to attack and maim. That they are made for fighting and do not have the temperament to be loyal and trustworthy pets. But, the truth of the matter is that these types of dogs are often less likely to have […]

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