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Flat-faced dogs, such as Pugs, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and Boston Terriers serve as cute and often beautiful family-friendly dogs that people prefer to bring into their homes given how small and easy to handle they are. 

That said, the breeding of such dogs often leads them to suffer from temporal breathing issues, which can cause a few health problems and for that reason, we must manage them capably. For instance, you may find that your dog snorts and struggles to find its breath, which can be helped by soothing the dog and helping them slowly relax, breathing more deeply.

That said, it’s also true that our decisions as an owner, such as the diet we feed them and the tools we use to keep them hygienic and well-maintained are also worth considering, as a lack of proper management can exacerbate issues like this, despite how much we love them.

In this post, we’ll discuss three techniques for helping a flat-faced puppy flourish despite some of the challenges faced.

Pug puppy with its paw on a man's finger.

Watch Their Weight

Watching the weight of your puppy is essential to ensure they can breathe more easily. While you might not have them join a community weight loss program anytime soon, taking care to exercise portion control, give them a little exercise (remember, however, that they’re not going to perform as well or as intensively as large hunting dogs), and make sure you don’t overdo the treats that can be tempting to feed our pets at the dinner table. This way, they will be in the best respiratory health and shouldn’t suffer as a result.

Feeding Bowls

Feeding bowls can often help with digestion while avoiding indigestion and snorting to the degree that this is possible. For instance, using slanted or tilted bowls can allow your pet to more easily eat their food without swallowing fistfuls of air at the same time. It’s also important to recognize that a dog without a long snout may not be able to eat as well as a dog that can reach every part of a deep bowl. As such this kind of investment can go a long way in helping your pet stay well-fed with the proper kibble they have been given.

Mess-Free 15° Slanted Bowl for Dogs and Cats.

Tilted Double Pet Dog Bowl with Raised Stand.

Help Them Stay Cool

Helping a puppy stay cool is an important idea in the midst of summer, and so water bowls can be important to place. You may also find that naturally helping them moult their coats or heading to a groomer for a worthwhile haircut can make a tremendous difference in how much they overheat.

Some mats with cooling functionalities can also be used to prevent them from overheating when in a house or sitting inside your vehicle (of course be sure to always crack a window or two here). Flat-faced puppies tend to breathe heavily and snort when overheated, so helping them cool off can be key. A cushion made from wool regulates temperature unlike any other material in both Summer and Winter

With this advice, you’re sure to care for a flat-faced puppy well. They’ll be sure to appreciate it.

In this post, we’ll discuss three techniques for helping a flat-faced puppy flourish despite some of the challenges faced.
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