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Bumblefoot is the name for Pododermatitis which causes dogs to have sore, painful swollen, red and itchy paws. This can be very painful if not treated with the dog becoming lame.

Our dog is suffering from this and is currently taking a course of antibiotics called Synulox. I’d never heard of Bumblefoot, as the vet called it, so I decided to do a bit of research on the subject. Here’s what I found…

A man holding a dog's paw

Pododermatitis Symptoms

You may notice that your dog will start limping and lick its paws a lot. The paws will look red and swollen and you may see pus. It can also affect the nail and the surrounding skin will look red and swollen.

What causes Bumblefoot in dogs?

Bumblefoot is caused by many disorders. In our dog, it was caused by his allergies. Other causes are fungus and yeast, bacterial infection, trauma and obesity, tumours and cancer.

How is Pododermatitis Treated?

Depending on the severity, bumblefoot is treated with oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, steroids, antifungals, creams, foot washes and soaks.

How Long Does Pododermatitis Take To Heal?

It can take some time to clear up bumblefoot, your dog may need a long course of antibiotics over a couple of months depending on the severity of the infection. It’s important to identify the cause and receive the correct treatment.

How Can You Prevent Pododermatitis?

It’s important to seek treatment as soon as you suspect your dog has this condition. If you notice your dog licking its paws a lot more than normal and there is redness present. Get it properly treated to prevent it from coming back.

What Can You Put On Dog’s Paws to Protect Them?

To protect paws and skin, try using a paw balm for dogs formulated with organic essential oils that are safe for licking as we all know that’s the first thing your dog will do! The balm below can also be used on the elbows.

Using a paw balm regularly will help keep the pads and surrounding skin soft and supple preventing cracking. It also helps protect paws from harsh elements, rough walking surfaces and contact with allergens.

Final Word

Always seek the help of a vet if you notice that your dog is licking or limping so that you can get the appropriate treatment. Once healed take care of your dog’s paws by regularly applying a soothing balm.

What is bumblefoot in dogs?
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