Dog Training

Teach your dog how to behave correctly and also have fun with these dog training tips.

  • The Easiest Dogs to Train: Top 7 Breeds for First-Time Owners

    a dog trainer in a field training a German Shepherd.

    If you’re considering getting a dog for the first time, it’s essential to consider the trainability of your potential new family member. Some breeds are naturally more inclined to be easily trainable, making them ideal for first-time owners who may not have much experience with dog training. In this article, we’ll explore the top 7 […]

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  • How to Crate Train Your Dog – Tips for Successfully Housetraining

    Puppy in a crate being fed a treat

    The best method for crate training a dog is through persistence and patience. Dog’s are smart and will catch on very quickly if you are consistent with your approach, but it may take up to 3 weeks for them to fully understand what you want them to do in their crate. A dog crate is […]

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  • 5 Easy To Train Dog Breeds

    border collie puppy

    When choosing a dog, it is important to know what breeds are more receptive to training. It requires more patience and more hours of training if you end up sheltering a disobedient dog. Between so many choices, sometimes it can be hard to choose the ideal breed. But here are 5 of the most trainable […]

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  • No Pull Dog Harnesses

    Dog wearing a harness

    If your dog pulls on the lead, conventional collars can hurt your dog’s neck. The answer is to invest in a no pull dog harness for a more pleasurable and safer walk. Do No-pull Dog Harnesses Work? Yes, no-pull dog harnesses do work. When the dog pulls the pressure is not on the neck but […]

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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Teaching Your Dog Tricks

    The Beginner's Guide to Teaching Your Dog Tricks

    If you have a puppy, you may want to teach him or her tricks. Teaching your dog tricks can make your dog obedient, build your relationship with each other, and help your dog develop mentally. However, training a dog can be challenging if you don’t know what you need to do to teach your dog. […]

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  • How to Train a Dog to Use the Bathroom Outside

    How to Train a Dog to Use the Bathroom Outside

    Training dogs can be difficult, especially if you want them to form new habits. Many people will teach their dogs tricks, but what about teaching your dog not to use the bathroom in the house? This will always be a challenge for new puppy owners, so here are five tips to help you properly train […]

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  • 3 Basic Dog Training Problems and Their Solutions

    3 Basic Dog Training Problems and Their Solutions

    You might imagine your dog training problems stem from your canine companion’s disobedience. But, the solution is to create a partnership with your dog. Basic mistakes can sabotage training success. When you give clear, accurate commands, your dog will follow them. Here’s how to provide clarity. Stay calm, even when your dog is slow to […]

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  • 5 Benefits of Dog Training

    5 Benefits of Dog Training

    Some people believe that *training your dog “breaks its spirit” and that this can only be a negative for the dog. They see a trained dog as “lacking in personality.” This notion could not be more wrong. Training should be seen as preparation for your dog to become a member of your household just as […]

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  • How to Stop Your Dog Barking at Everything

    How to stop your dog barking at everything

    Do you have a dog that barks at everything? Common triggers are the doorbell, the postman, barking at neighbours, birds or any sudden noise. Here are some tips on how to stop your dog barking. Don’t Shout At Your Dog Don’t shout at your dog to be quiet. Your dog will think you’re barking along […]

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