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If your dog pulls on the lead, conventional collars can hurt your dog’s neck. The answer is to invest in a no pull dog harness for a more pleasurable and safer walk.

Dog wearing a harness

Do No-pull Dog Harnesses Work?

Yes, no-pull dog harnesses do work. When the dog pulls the pressure is not on the neck but instead, gentle pressure is applied to the chest and shoulder area. A two-point control harness is especially good.

What is a Two-Point Harness?

A two-point harness has two areas to attach the lead: the dog’s chest area and the other between the shoulders. You’ll need a two-point control leash that has two clasps to attach to the harness. You can buy these together as a set.

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness.

Two-Point Control Lead. Padded and Reflective Nylon Leash Converts to Single Leash, Works with 3in1 Harnesses, 3/4 in. Wide Leash.

How do you use a Two-Point Harness?

Attach the two-point control lead to the front ring and the back ring. Attaching the lead to both these points prevents the dog from pulling as the dog cannot pull in a straight line and gets turned towards you once they start to pull. This is ideal for strong pullers.

Here are some of the popular no-pull harnesses:

Halti No-Pull Harness

The Halti no-pull harness is designed to be a comfortable way to retrain your dog to walk without pulling on the lead and has a stop-pull lifting feature that is activated when the dog starts to pull. This corrects them to stop pulling and walk at your speed.

The harness features a no-slip chest panel that stays securely in place during walks to prevent pulling. It can also be used to stow small items like poop bags or clickers during walks.

Halti No Pull Harness and Training Lead Combination Pack, Stop Dog Pulling on Walk

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

The Rabbitgoo no-pull dog harness is specially designed with 2 metal leash rings for safer dog walks. The chest attachment clip stops your dog from pulling on walks and is perfect for dog training or for dogs who tend to pull a lot. The back one is great for casual walks and jogging etc.

Made with breathable, weather-proof and strong Oxford material for use all year round.

Rabbitgoo Large No-Pull Dog Harness Adjustable Outdoor Vest Harness Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Large Dogs.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness Size Guide

These are the size guides as stated by the manufacturer:

Small – Neck: 13″ – 19″ (35 – 46 cm), Chest: 13″ – 24″ (35 – 59 cm)

Medium – Neck: 16″ – 22″ (43 – 54 cm), Chest: 15″ – 28″ (40 – 69 cm)

Large – Neck: 18″ – 26″ (48 – 64 cm), Chest: 17″ – 34″ (45 – 84 cm)

Extra Large – Neck: 23″ – 35″ (60 – 87 cm), Chest: 21″ – 38″ (55 – 95 cm)

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

The Ruffwear front range dog harness is easy to put on and is comfortable for your dog to wear. This harness also features two attachment points for the lead.

The front lead attachment point encourages dogs to keep pace with you and helps redirect dog’s that pull, keeping them facing forward.

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective Padded No Pull Harness.

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness Size Guide

When measuring for a Ruffwear front range dog harness, measure around the widest part of the dog’s rib cage.

XX-Small: 13-17 in (33-43 cm)
X-Small: 17-22 in (43-56 cm)
Small: 22-27 in (56-69 cm)
Medium: 27-32 in (69-81 cm)
Large/X-Large: 32-42 in (81-107 cm)

When choosing a no-pull dog harness and measuring your dog, always read the reviews for each product as they contain valuable product information on sizing and how the product has performed.

If your dog pulls on the lead, conventional collars can hurt your dog’s neck. The answer is to invest in a no pull dog harness for a more pleasurable and safer walk.
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