Travel & Getting Around

Useful information on travelling with your dog. Help your dog with car sickness, find strollers to help your dog get out and about when they can’t walk, find the best seat belts for dogs and more.

  • Should Dogs Wear Life Jackets?

    Dog wearing a life jacket

    Are you taking your dog away with you this year? If you’re going to the beach, a lake, a canal holiday, or anywhere with deep water or water with strong currents, you should consider getting your dog a life jacket.  Are Dogs Required to Wear Life Jackets on Boats? As with humans, dogs are required to […]

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  • Should I Take My Dog On Holiday?

    Jack Russell Terrier wearing sunglasses, sat in a deckchair

    Taking your dog on holiday is a great idea if they are well-behaved. If they are not, they may be better off staying in kennels or having a neighbour or family member look after them for the duration of your holiday. If your dog doesn’t bark at everything, is well-behaved around people and can be […]

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  • Helping Dog Car Sickness

    Helping Dog Car Sickness

    Dog’s can get car sick just like humans. Our dog was sick in the car a lot more when he was a puppy and thankfully seems to have grown out of it as he’s got older. It does tend to affect puppies more.  What can we do to treat or even prevent car sickness in […]

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  • Best Dog Seat Belts

    Best Dog Seat Belts

    It’s important while travelling that your dog is safe and secure in the car. Here we have some of the popular dog seat belt choices available. They can be clipped onto the collar although it is advisable to use a harness for extra safety and to prevent any neck damage when braking hard. Adjustable 2 Pack […]

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