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It’s important while travelling that your dog is safe and secure in the car. Here we have some of the popular dog seat belt choices available. They can be clipped onto the collar although it is advisable to use a harness for extra safety and to prevent any neck damage when braking hard.

Adjustable 2 Pack Premium Dog Seat Belt 

Adjustable 2 Pack Premium Dog Seat Belt

A Comfortable restraint by Just Pet Zone. This car seat belt helps comfortably restrain your dog(s) in the front seat or back seat of a car. It allows them to sit, lay down, or stand to look out the window without disturbing the driver. These particular seat belts have a strong ‘Bungee Buffer’ which absorb the shock during sudden braking or emergency stops.
2 pack – very convenient for two dogs.
Adjustable so ideal for dogs and cats: the length of the strap can adjust from 53 to 74 cm.
Easy to use – high-quality metal buckle makes it easy and quick to attach or release. The solid zinc alloy swivel snap supports 360° rotation with no tangle.

Mudder Dog Seat Belt
2 Pack

Mudder Dog Seat Belt 2 Pack

Great value adjustable dog seat belts that cost less than a fiver! Suitable for small/ medium pets, approximately 20-60 lbs.
Made of polypropylene, zinc alloy swivel snap and metal buckles, which make them durable.

You can adjust the strap to shorten it so your dog can’t wriggle or slide off the seat.
Adjustable length: 18 – 27.6 inch/ 45.5 – 70 cm.

COMSUN Dog Seat Belt, 2 Pack

Comsun Dog Seat Belt 2 Pack

Made with a durable nylon fabric belt these denim style dog seat belts have rustproof aluminium alloy buckles to ensure safety and guarantee extra durability.

The adjustable dog seat belt extends from 17 to 26 inches, accommodates dogs both small and large. Allows the dog freedom to sit, lay down, or stand freely without endangering the driver with distractions.

Pack contains x 2 Consum dog seat belts.

SlowTon Dog Seat Belt, 2 Pack Pet Car Seatbelt Headrest Restraint

SlowTon Dog Seatbelt, 2 Pack Pet Car Seatbelt Headrest Restraint

A Headrest Restraint Design Dog Seat Belt that can be used in all models of vehicles that have a headrest. The strap circle which hanging on the headrest is connected by a lockable quick release buckle. The lockable buckle prevents the circle from opening and makes sure your pet is safe. Clips onto the back of the dog’s harness to keep your pet secure.

This seat belt doubles up as a lead by simply adjusting the seat belt to its maximum length using the strap circle as a handle. It also has the elastic bungee inside that absorbs shocks and is much more comfortable for the dog.

Best Dog Seat Belts
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