Dog Information

Useful dog-related information regarding your family and home. Dog laws etc.

Take Care of Your Dog with These Tips

Young woman holding a chihuahua

When you get a dog, it becomes part of the family. It is a living, breathing, thinking being with needs that have to be nurtured. It is your responsibility as a conscientious dog owner to take care of these needs. You cannot expect miracles without some hard work. Also, as time progresses, your dog’s needs […]

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Purebred or Shelter Dog?

A woman fussing dogs at a dog shelter

You have decided to get a family dog, but are torn between adopting a mixed breed shelter dog versus purchasing a purebred from a breeder. Before making that final purchase decision, take a step back and review your circumstances, expectations in a dog, and what you perceive as the perfect family dog. Many groups encourage […]

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The Benefits of Having a Dog in Your Life

Dog sitting next to a toddler

Caring for a dog can be good for your physical and mental health. A dog companion can be a loyal friend and a valuable member of your family, plus, dogs provide companionship and unconditional love. The bond that develops between a human and dog can be just as strong as the bond between two people. […]

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