Dog Food

Make your own dog treats with our dog treat recipes.  Read about what human foods dogs can or cannot eat safely. Find services where you can get your dog food delivered to your door.

  • Banana Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe

    A dog licking a spoon

    Whip up these easy and healthy Banana Peanut Butter Dog Treats! Packed with dog-friendly ingredients like ripe banana, oats, and peanut butter. Nutrient-rich and delicious.

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  • Start a Dog Treat Business

    Diva Dog Bakery

    More and more people are thinking about starting a business from home. Now is the perfect time to do it with online sales increasing around the world. The Diva Dog Bakery™ – How to Start a Dog Treat Business course teaches students how to start a homemade dog treat bakery to sell treats in person […]

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  • Easy Homemade Treats for Dogs

    Easy Homemade Treats for Dogs

    Dogs love treats, but buying pre-packaged food treats can be expensive, and their quality is sometimes questionable. Fortunately, making dog treats at home is easy and cheap, and as an added advantage, you will know exactly what you are giving your canine companion. Remember, though, that even though these homemade treats are good for dogs, […]

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  • What Human Foods Can Dogs Eat?

    What Human Foods Can Dogs Eat?

    While you’re eating your tasty afternoon meal, your little buddy is sitting next to you, staring at you, like what you’re putting in your mouth is the only thing important in this universe. At this point, we all tend to want to feed our little buddies. So, what are safe human foods for dogs? Let’s […]

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  • Dog Food Tailored To Your Dog Delivered To Your Door

    Dog Food Tailored To Your Dog Delivered To Your Door

    My dog is allergic to so many things, I’ve tried lots of different foods and have had to cook him food from scratch because there is literally nothing that I can buy on the market that is 100% suitable for him. I wanted to mention a service I thought was really good, but, sadly I […]

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  • 6 Foods That Are Poisonous To Dogs

    6 Foods That Are Poisonous To Dogs

    There are some foods that we eat that cause us no harm but are poisonous to dogs, it’s worth taking note of what they are so that we don’t accidentally throw the dog a piece to eat when we are eating them. Chocolate Theobromine in chocolate is poisonous to dogs, the dark variety contains the […]

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