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More and more people are thinking about starting a business from home. Now is the perfect time to do it with online sales increasing around the world.

The Diva Dog Bakery™ – How to Start a Dog Treat Business course teaches students how to start a homemade dog treat bakery to sell treats in person or online.

This side hustle is for people of all ages and backgrounds and can bring in $500 – $1,000+ per month. (It can also be scaled up to a full-time business if desired!)

This course is perfect for dog lovers and those who would like to set up their own business from home.

Diva Dog Bakery

The Course Founder

The course is based on Kristin Larsen’s personal experience as the founder of Diva Dog Bakery™, a boutique dog treat bakery that she started while in college.

Kristin Larsen
Kristin Larsen

After she was laid off from her 9-5 during the Great Recession, she quickly scaled her bakery to a full-time business, selling treats both in-person (at farmers markets, craft fairs and neighbourhood meetups) and online (via Etsy).

She found herself raking in hundreds of dollars at in-person events on Saturdays and consistently selling her treats every day through her Etsy shop. Her bakery was picked up by print magazines and online press, and she even was invited by the Emmy’s to gift her dog treats in the swag bags!

No Experience Needed

You don’t need any baking experience to start this course. Kristin shares dog treats recipes that she has personally developed and used.

You can sell your treats online, offline, or both.

You can make between $500-$1,000 a month with a dog treat bakery side hustle, or scale it into a 5-figure full-time business.

What’s Included In The Course?

  • 8 modules:
    • Module 1: Practice Makes Perfect: You’ll learn Kristin’s favourite recipes and everything you’ll need to get started! Start with what you have and build from there.
    • Module 2: Hobby to Business: Next, it’s time to formalize this endeavour! Learn the process of forming your business so you can legally sell dog treats. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it sounds.
    • Module 3: Presentation is Everything: In this module, you’ll learn how to make everything look beautiful (without hours of effort) and how to efficiently get everything packaged and shipped.
    • Module 4: How to Price Your Treats: Don’t get stuck worrying about what to charge. In Module 4, the pricing structure will be broken down for you so you’re ready to roll and actually make a profit!
    • Module 5: Where to Sell: Whether you want to sell your treats in person, online or both, you’ll learn proven strategies and how to get your baked goods in the marketplace using easy to follow techniques.
    • Module 6: How to Accept Payment: Keeping the money flowing means being ready to receive it! Learn everything you need to know about accepting payments.
    • Module 7: Shipping and Delivery: Wondering how to ship your dog treats and what to include in your packaging? Kristin will review her preferred shipping method and cover the must-have items inside your package.
    • Module 8: Promote Your Business: It’s time to announce your brand new business – learn the BEST ways to promote it (for free!). Get excited because now it’s time to share with the world what you’ve been baking in the kitchen!
  • 4 bonuses:
    • Bonus #1: Guaranteed Analysis / Nutrition label ($99/treat value): You’ll learn everything you need to know about creating nutrition labels so your clients are never wondering “what’s in this?”. Required by certain states in the U.S., you’ll receive the exact information needed that will literally save you HUNDREDS of dollars!
    • Bonus #2: Dog Treat Recipe Book ($49 value): Kristin shares the exact recipes that she spent months perfecting that went on to become best-sellers online and in-person! Inside her recipe book, you’ll learn how to make all of her dog treats from scratch, which will help you get a jumpstart in the kitchen.
    • Bonus #3: 30 Days FREE Access to Diva Dog Bakery™ Group ($19/month value): This supportive Facebook community will help you get all your questions answered while you launch and grow your new side-hustle. Got marketing questions? Questions about taking your business online or tech support? Don’t worry – you’re covered!

Bonus #4: All-New Course Material for Free (#priceless): Every time new content is added to the course material, you will receive it for free for being a student! As course material is added, the price of the program will go up. Because Kristin plans to expand on the training material – there’s a lot she still wants to teach you! – enrolling NOW will allow you to receive all new course material for FREE!

Can I Do The Diva Dog Bakery Course If I’m Not In The US?

I’ve had a few people ask me this question so I asked Kristin herself and this is her reply:

“We have several students from the UK and Europe (Canada, Philippines and Australia too).

While the business part of the program is US-based, it does provide enough information so someone outside of the US could contact their local city or town government about getting a business license and any rules on selling dog treats.

I have yet to encounter a location where someone cannot bake dog treats out of their home.

The only ingredient that can be harder to source overseas because it’s summer are yogurt chips – we had someone overseas have a hard time finding this, but we were able to reckoned tapioca icing instead. But we were able to help them get in contact with a local people bakery and it all worked out ?

Otherwise, all good. The DDB Community is great for bringing people together in different locations as well, so that’s been helpful for non-US based students.”

Sound interesting? Find out more about starting your own dog treat business here.

Start a dog treat business!
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