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Health tips and information for dogs. Tips on administering medication and health problem advice.

How To Keep Your Pets Healthy When They Age


It is inevitable that your pets will age, and their health will start to decline. It can be hard for pet owners to watch them go through this process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult time. This blog post will discuss how you can make sure your ageing pet stays healthy and happy! […]

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How To Care For A Flat-Faced Puppy Well

Pug puppy with its paw on a man's finger.

Flat-faced dogs, such as Pugs, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and Boston Terriers serve as cute and often beautiful family-friendly dogs that people prefer to bring into their homes given how small and easy to handle they are.  That said, the breeding of such dogs often leads them to suffer from temporal breathing issues, which can […]

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What is Bumblefoot in Dogs?

A man holding a dog's paw

Bumblefoot is the name for Pododermatitis which causes dogs to have sore, painful swollen, red and itchy paws. This can be very painful if not treated with the dog becoming lame. Our dog is suffering from this and is currently taking a course of antibiotics called Synulox. I’d never heard of Bumblefoot, as the vet […]

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