Dog Health

Health tips and information for dogs. Tips on administering medication and health problem advice.

Take Care of Your Dog with These Tips

Young woman holding a chihuahua

When you get a dog, it becomes part of the family. It is a living, breathing, thinking being with needs that have to be nurtured. It is your responsibility as a conscientious dog owner to take care of these needs. You cannot expect miracles without some hard work. Also, as time progresses, your dog’s needs […]

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How To Tell If Your Dog Has Fleas

Dog scratching at a flea

Fleas are prevalent and annoying parasites. They bite, and they spread quickly. If left untreated, they can even cause some more serious conditions! Here are some tips on how to spot them on your best friend. Scratching and Biting If you notice your dog scratching and biting at their fur more than usual, that could […]

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How To Get Fit With Your Dog

Person cycling with their dog running alongside

Is your dog out of shape? An out of shape dog often has an out of shape owner. While there are ways to exercise your dog while being lazy yourself, it only makes sense to get in shape together. Just like people, dogs that are healthy and fit are happier and live longer. . Your […]

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