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My dog is allergic to so many things, I’ve tried lots of different foods and have had to cook him food from scratch because there is literally nothing that I can buy on the market that is 100% suitable for him.

Dog Food Tailored To Your Dog Delivered To Your Door

I wanted to mention a service I thought was really good, but, sadly I had to stop because of my dog’s allergies, he has too many. However, it could be the ideal service for you! I must also mention that it was no more expensive than buying his food from the supermarket.

Tails. com will make a unique dog food recipe developed by vets and nutritionists tailored for your dog when you answer a few specific questions about your dog’s breed, health and lifestyle online. The questions include your dog’s weight, age, how active he or she is and favourite flavours.

You’ll then be able to see your dog’s recipe along with a full list of ingredients and then decide if you want to try it for free. If you’re happy with the trial, you can then get a box delivered every month (or every 2 weeks for puppies). You can cancel any time too.

The first delivery of the free trial containing your dog’s unique recipe comes with a really handy portion scoop so that you feed the correct amount for the dog’s breed and weight. I’m still using the one that was sent to me with my dog’s trial! It hooks over the top of the food bags for convenient storage.

With standard delivery is free for delivery of your dog food. If you prefer you can pay extra for a named day.

Although I couldn’t continue using Tails, I highly recommend the service and I would have continued with the service if it wasn’t for my dog.

If you’d like to take a look at this handy dog food delivery service, click here.

Dog Food Tailored To Your Dog Delivered To Your Door
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