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Just as humans need to see a doctor when ill, so do dogs need to have a qualified vet to take care of them in case anything goes wrong. How to find the right vet for your dog requires a bit of research and careful consideration.

There are several ways in which you can find the right vet. Word of mouth is a very reliable way of finding a good vet so start off by asking neighbours or friends who are dog owners to give you a recommendation. Talk to pet groomers in your area to find out who they use, or, search online for vets in your area.

If you do check online, make a list of the vets in your area and call to make an appointment in order to check out the following:

  • Are you greeted in a polite and professional manner by the staff?
  • Are the waiting rooms and general surroundings clean and have separate waiting areas for dogs and cats?
  • Do you find the staff to be qualified and knowledgeable?
  • When you called to make the appointment to visit, were they genuinely courteous?
  • Is there parking on location?
  • How many technicians and support staff do they have?
  • How many vets are assigned to the practice?
  • Does the area where dogs are kept clean and relatively conducive to keeping sick dogs comfortable?
  • How much does it cost for their services, i.e., vaccinations, treatment, etc?
  • Do they perform emergency services?
  • Obtain the names of the vets so that you can check their credentials online.
  • Do you feel comfortable at this facility?
  • Has the vet answered all of your immediate questions?
  • Do they have an emergency telephone number; are they on call and what are their hours?

There is another factor that you should know about when dealing with a vet. Often a vet may advise you to buy certain dog food at their premises, whether it’s due to a condition your pet is experiencing, or for some other reason.

It should be noted that the cost is quite high. If the vet indeed tells you to use a particular brand, do not buy it from him but go to your local pet shop or search for the best price online. Dog food is quite expensive and sometimes vets prescribe a certain food because they are getting a percentage of the sale.

While we, as humans, can change doctors if we do not care for the way they practice medicine, dogs can’t tell us if they are not being treated well. Finding the right vet is not only important for you, but for your dog as well. It’s very important to insure your dog too so that the vet’s fees are covered for illnesses and accidents.

Choosing A Vet For Your Dog
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