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The first signs your dog has an ear infection is him shaking his head a lot, scratching, whining and pawing at the affected ear.

You may notice a smell and discharge coming from one ear which is a sign.

Your dog may hold his ear down and you may notice redness or swelling when you look inside the ear.

Our dog has suffered with them quite a lot due to his allergies, he will hold the affected ear down and place his head on me, so I know he is in pain when he does that.

Common Causes Of Ear Infections & Irritations

Allergies: As I mentioned above, can cause ear infections from the build-up of wax and the ear canals become inflamed.

Bacteria, Yeast & Fungus: These are common causes of ear infection and will require medication from your vet for effective treatment.

Ear Mites: You may see dark specs that look like ground coffee in the ear. This could indicate a ear mite infestation.

Grass Seeds: Grass seeds can cause a lot of irritation if stuck inside the ear canal and will need to be removed by the vet.

Get The Correct Treatment

It may be tempting to try and treat your dog’s ear infection by yourself by buying drops off the internet rather than going to the vet. It’s much better to go to the vet as soon as possible and get it treated with the correct medication and the ears cleaned if needed.

Your dog will probably have a follow-up appointment to check the infection has gone, make sure you do this because if left not only does the dog suffer but you may find the infection difficult to treat with it becoming resistant to antibiotics.

A Guide to Your Dog’s Ear Health: The Comprehensive Resource for Dog Owners – The purpose of this guide is to provide you a wealth of information regarding ear problems in dogs so that you can better understand the complicated nature of ear diseases.

How To Tell If Your Dog Has An Ear Infection
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