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There are many different methods of dog training available, what works for one person may not work for another.

Not every dog owner can hire Cesar Milan to train their dog. If your dog’s behaviour is consistently troublesome, or, if you are a new dog owner, you may want to teach your pet the basics without spending a fortune and know your options. Here are a few ways of dog training that you may want to try.

Look Out For Local Dog Training Classes

You may have dog training classes in your area, classes may be advertised in the local paper or online. These are often reasonably priced and your dog will get to socialize with other dogs.

Buy A Dog Training Book

There are lots of good dog training books available, do your research first and select a dog training book with good reviews. There are plenty of good books available on Amazon.

Try Clicker Training

This training uses a clicker, which is a small mechanical device that makes a click sound. The Clix Multi Clicker has two click volume settings with a
softer for noise sensitive dogs . The dog learns to associate the click sound to when they’re doing the right thing.

Learn online

Try The Online Dog Trainer and learn Doggy Dan’s successful training methods. Learn by watching the online video series and receive regular updates and dog training tips.

Dog Training Apps

Try installing a dog training app on your phone so it’s to hand when you’re out walking with your dog enabling you to train anywhere. Browse through the app store to find free apps.

Positive Reinforcement

This popular method can be started immediately and works by giving the dog a treat or praise to reward good behaviour. Bad behaviour does not get a reward.

There are lots of ways to train a dog, it’s always best to use kindness and avoid the harsher methods. You want your dog to love you not fear you.

What's The Best Method Of Dog Training?
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