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When choosing dog toys the best ones will provide hours are fun and won’t fall apart as soon as the dog starts playing with them. Here are a few suggestions.

Squeaky Toys

What dog doesn’t like a squeaky toy? This kind of toy will become a favourite no matter what shape or colour it is as long as it squeaks.

It’s best to buy a durable squeaky toy, don’t go for the cheap ones that tear easily. These can be harmful to the dog if the dog chokes on the squeaker. Go for reputable brands. You can buy stuffing-free squeaky toys if your dog likes soft toys.

Frisbees or tennis balls, standard or squeaky tennis balls are available that will give your dog hours of pleasure. These are great to play fetch with and will last if the dog is supervised and not left to sit and chew them apart. A ball launcher is great to use with a tennis ball.

Some dogs prefer a particular toy over others. In fact, while it may not be a toy at all, some dogs may become attached to an inanimate object much like a child will hang on to a security blanket.

Taking your dog to the park to play is an excellent way to keep him fit and healthy, along with yourself.

Chewing Toys & Bones

Dogs love to chew, especially puppies. Plastic flavoured bones are widely available, along with real bones and chews made of rawhide. Be careful with rawhide as it can cause digestive problems because dogs tend to swallow a lot of it.

Dogs particularly love toys that have secret compartments where you can place food. Examples are Kong rubber toys.

Stuff these toys with cheese, peanut butter or some small dog treats, your dog will love it and be kept occupied for some time.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are perfect for playing tug of war with your dog as well as playing fetch. Some dogs like to sit and chew on them too, like my own. If your dog is a chewer get the strongest rope toy possible, or it will be shredded everywhere.

When choosing any dog toy, it is important to read the label to ensure it is perfectly safe, does not contain any lead, and that it is durable. Purchasing a selection of toys is a good idea to avoid boredom. Don’t have all the toys out at once it’s best to rotate playtime with each one.

Choosing Dog Toys
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