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Taking your dog on holiday is a great idea if they are well-behaved. If they are not, they may be better off staying in kennels or having a neighbour or family member look after them for the duration of your holiday.

Jack Russell Terrier wearing sunglasses, sat in a deckchair

If your dog doesn’t bark at everything, is well-behaved around people and can be left for short periods of time then yes it’s a good idea.

I’ve been sitting here thinking should I take my dog on holiday next time we go away? You may be thinking the same.

I thought I would do a little research into taking away a dog with you on holiday and places to stay within the UK.

I usually put my dog in the kennels when we go away, mainly because he’s too excitable. The places we like to visit don’t allow dogs which means we’d have to leave him in the hotel room.

I’m toying with the idea of maybe a self-catering holiday next time.

Where Can I Take My Dog On Holiday?

From doing a quick search there are quite a few dog friendly places to stay within the UK, from cottages, lodges to some hotels that allow pets. 

Think about the location before you look for the accommodation and consider these points:

Are dogs allowed on the beach? On some beaches, dogs are allowed to run freely, others have allocated areas for dogs to play on and the rest of the beach is restricted. 

It may be a good idea to find a hotel that is close to the area of the beach where dogs are allowed. 

Do you want to go somewhere where there are plenty of places to go for long walks like the countryside or a forest?

Which Hotel Chains Allow Dogs to Stay for Free?

Dog and cat relaxing on a hotel bed

Most hotels charge an extra fee per night for your pet to stay, this is usually around 10-£20 per night, however, some may allow your pets to stay for free.

Each place is different, so it’s a matter of browsing through and comparing prices to get the best deal.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in the UK

A great place to start looking and a site I always use for booking my holidays even without the dog is They have a list of the 10 best pet-friendly hotels in the UK that is worth a read. All are rated highly with a score of 9 and above.

Trip Advisor will find you the best prices too, they also have a list of pet-friendly hotels.

Best Western pet-friendly hotels allow up to two domestic dogs in a rented room.

Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottages in the UK

Does a luxury dog-friendly holiday cottage in the countryside appeal to you?

Rural Retreats founded in 1985 boasts over 450 gorgeous holiday homes in stunning locations, all available for you to rent, many are dog-friendly.

Order a free retreat news magazine packed full of inspiration to help you decide on where to take your next UK holiday.

The magazine will give you ideas for summer getaways and the best dog-friendly destinations.

Dog-Friendly Holiday Lodges and Cabins

Holidaying in a forest is not only great for dogs, but it also benefits us all by connecting us with nature.

Forest holidays are all about connecting people, nature and communities. For over 45 years, Forest Holiday have sustainably created a small number of cabin locations in Great Britain. You can even stay in a treehouse if you want to!

The cabins are designed for a relaxing self-catering holiday, with all the essentials included.

The kitchens are equipped for everything you need including a dishwasher, after all, who wants to do the washing up on holiday!

All cabins are built with the harmony of the forest in mind, all spaced out with approximately 15.33 metres between each one.

These holidays can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you want. Go cycling, walking or hiking, the choice is yours. View the extra activities here.

I hope these suggestions help you in deciding if you should take your dog away with you and where to stay should you decide to do so.

Should I take my dog on holiday?
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