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Helping Dog Car Sickness

Dog’s can get car sick just like humans. Our dog was sick in the car a lot more when he was a puppy and thankfully seems to have grown out of it as he’s got older. It does tend to affect puppies more.  What can we do to treat or even prevent car sickness in dogs? Here are a few ideas at helping dog car sickness.

How do I keep my dog from getting car sick

There are things you can do that may help like limiting your dog’s food before a journey. Making sure that your dog can sit and facing forwards in the car by using a *dog seat belt

Because dog’s get stressed from being sick, they will associate the car with feeling ill. You could try a *calming spray like ones that contain a synthetic copy of the ‘dog appeasing pheromone’ 

This pheromone is what a mother naturally releases to calm and reassure her puppies and has the same effect on adult dogs. 

Don’t worry it does not affect humans and is odourless. Using a calming spray will help your dog cope with the stress of travel, especially if he’s always sick on a journey.

Do dogs outgrow car sickness?

Like car sickness tends to get better when children grow up, it’s often the same with puppies, usually by the age of 1, however, in some cases the dog may continue to suffer as an adult.

Can you get travel sickness tablets for a dog?

Yes, you can get travel sickness tablets for dogs. You could try *Travel Eze tablets which reduce the effects of travel sickness they’re natural herbal tablets that can be given to both cats and dogs.

Does ginger help dogs with car sickness?

Ginger is used as a natural anti-nausea remedy and can be given to your dog. There are some handy wheat-free ginger biscuits called QueezieBics that are specially made for travel sickness in dogs. Your dog will think he’s having a treat rather than a tablet! They have some good reviews on Amazon and are reasonably priced, take a *look at QueezieBics here.

What can we do to treat or even prevent car sickness in dogs? Here are a few ideas at helping dog car sickness.
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