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Puppy Essentials Shopping List

Great news, you’re getting a new puppy! Now’s the time to prepare so you’re ready and your pup has everything he needs.

Here’s a list of really useful and essential items every new dog owner needs.

Food Bowls

You could start off with smaller bowls and replace for larger ones when your puppy grows. This *double stainless steel bowl set features a non-slip silicone mat keep the bowls from skidding around on the floor.

Bed or Blanket

You’ll need somewhere comfortable for your puppy to sleep. If you’re worried about chewing an old blanket is fine.

I buy cheap fleece throws for my dog because at age 6 he still likes to chew! *Vet Bedding is also great, it’s easy to wash, super absorbent and dries quickly.

When your puppy “hopefully” grows out of the chewing stage then buy a nice bed.


You’ll only need this if you intend to crate train your puppy. When our dog was a pup I preferred a playpen because there was a lot more space.


Playpens are great! A *playpen will have enough room for your puppy’s bed, food and toilet area. They also come with a base so your floor won’t be ruined.

Playpens are perfect for those first few months and prevent your furniture from being chewed when you can’t watch your dog.

In a playpen, there’s enough room for your puppy to have toys so he can play happily while you get on with whatever you have to do. It’s just like having a baby around!

Puppy Food

You’ll need to buy puppy food and feed you pup following the instructions on the cans/packets. A puppy will need smaller, regular meals than a fully grown dog.

Puppy Pads

*Puppy pads are great to place around a playpen and will absorb any urine. Try to toilet train your puppy right from the start by letting him outside on a regular basis. Puppy pads are a godsend for accidents and do help with the toilet training process.

Collar & Tag

A collar and tag will be needed. It’s the law that your dog must wear a tag. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that in public places dogs must wear a collar and tag with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it. A telephone number is optional but it’s a good idea to add this.


Get a lead ready for your pup’s first walk. I’d recommend investing in a regular lead an extendable one. See my post on the different types of dog leads available.

Towels for Wiping Paws

There are some really good *microfibre absorbent towels especially for dogs available. Normal towels aren’t quite as good but they will make do if you can’t afford to purchase new dog towels.


Puppies require lots of stimulation, so make sure you buy a selection of toys and chews and don’t put them all out at once, try to rotate them to keep your puppy interested.

Car Restraint

Your dog will need a dog seat belt and harness. The bungee style seat belts are good and absorb any sudden shocks when breaking.

Poo Bags

You can buy dog poo bags or use regular nappy bags, it’s up to you. I personally buy budget nappy bags for our dog.

Grooming Tools

Depending on the type of coat your pup has you’ll need to purchase a brush or comb to keep their coat tangle free.

Dog Shampoo

There are some mild puppy shampoos available, and also waterless varieties. Waterless can be handy when you want to refresh your dog between shampoo washes.

Flea Treatment

Find a flea treatment for puppies and treat them regularly. You can get this from your vet, although it’s often cheaper to buy online.


Puppies will need worming more frequently to start with, worming tablets can be purchased online or from your vet. I purchase all my worming and flea treatments from Pet Drugs Online. I find the prices really competitive.

Toothpaste & Toothbrush for Dogs

Tooth care needs to start at a very young age with puppies so that they can get used to the paste and brush in their mouths. If it’s left too late your dog may not let you do it.

I hope this list helps you to get organised and ready for your new puppy. There’s certainly a lot to think about and buy!

Puppy essentials shopping list, everything you need.
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