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Do you have a dog that barks at everything? Common triggers are the doorbell, the postman, barking at neighbours, birds or any sudden noise. Here are some tips on how to stop your dog barking.

Don’t Shout At Your Dog

Don’t shout at your dog to be quiet. Your dog will think you’re barking along with him and this actually makes things worse. Ignore the barking and praise your dog when he stops.

How to stop your dog barking at everything

Barking At Animals Or Passersby

If your dog barks at people or animals he can see out of the window, close the curtains or put him in another room. Start encouraging him to go and lie down in his bed at your command and use this command when he starts barking at things.

Exercise Your Dog

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and has a lot of stimulation. A bored dog will bark, a tired, well exercised and contented dog will bark less.

Keep plenty of toys around to distract your dog from barking and take his mind off it. Toys you can fill with treats such as *Kong toys will keep your dog busy.

Has Your Dog Been Socialised Enough?

If at a young age your dog wasn’t socialised enough and didn’t have many experiences with people, you may find he barks at bikes, scooters, wheelchairs and children etc.

The more a dog is socialised the better. You may need to need to keep your dog on a leash for safety if this is the case. An extender lead would be the best solution so that your dog gets a bit of freedom but you’re in control.

Gradually expose your dog around people, the park is the best place. Reward good behaviour, let your dog meet people and allow them to give treats.

Leave The Radio Or Tv On When You Go Out

If your dog barks, while you are out, leaving the radio or tv on in the background will help because they are usually on when you are around and the dog will feel less stressed. Also, the sound from the radio or tv will make other sounds less audible and help prevent barking.

Try Positive Reinforcement

When your dog is quiet, this is the time for a reward. If your dog barks at you for something like food or attention, only give your dog what he wants when he is quiet so that he learns what is expected of him.

It takes time and patience to get your dog to stop barking at everything, your dog will learn if you are consistent with your training.

Tips on how to stop your dog barking at everything.
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