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Some people believe that *training your dog “breaks its spirit” and that this can only be a negative for the dog. They see a trained dog as “lacking in personality.” This notion could not be more wrong. Training should be seen as preparation for your dog to become a member of your household just as education prepares a child to be a functioning member of society. An untrained dog will quickly become a nuisance and possibly a hazard to others. Here are some of the benefits of dog training:

5 Benefits of Dog Training

1. It Could Keep Your Dog Safe

You will need to have full control of your dog in an emergency. For example, if you need to evacuate your home in a hurry, your dog must be able to obey commands to come to you. Similarly, the “stop” command can keep a dog from rushing out into traffic. In altercations with another dog, obedience training can prevent your dog from being hurt or from harming someone else’s pet.

2. It Helps to Strengthen Your Relationship

Dog owners who train their pets will better understand their dogs’ unique personalities and will also be better equipped to pick up on their body language. In turn, the dog will learn what their owner expects from them. Each new lesson learned will bring you closer and make the subsequent ones easier to grasp.

3. It Provides Stimulation

Dogs need stimulation and instruction. The need to be stimulated is one possessed by all dogs to some extent but is particularly true of working breeds like German shepherds and Dalmatians. Without mental challenges, dogs can become bored. An unstimulated dog can be a destructive dog.

4. It Helps You to Socialize Your Dog

Training is an opportunity to socialize your dog. They will learn to interact with other dogs in classes. Also, well-trained dogs are easier to socialize.

5. Training is the Foundation of a Long-Term Friendship

The sad reality is that many of the dogs that wind up in shelters are those that no one has taken the time to train. Cute, rambunctious puppies are not as much fun and not so cute when they become manic adult dogs. When these dogs become too hard to handle, their owners are often quick to give up on them.

The investment of time and effort into training your dog can be rewarding for both of you. The key to getting the benefits of *dog training will be to approach the training process with patience and a calm attitude. By taking your time and being consistent, you can ensure a happy relationship for both of you.

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