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You might imagine your dog training problems stem from your canine companion’s disobedience. But, the solution is to create a partnership with your dog. Basic mistakes can sabotage training success. When you give clear, accurate commands, your dog will follow them. Here’s how to provide clarity.

3 Basic Dog Training Problems and Their Solutions

Stay calm, even when your dog is slow to respond

If a friend calls you over and shouts because you are slow, would you bother to respond again? No, you wouldn’t. It’s likely you will do for something more rewarding. The lesson here is when your dog is slow to respond, don’t get angry or shout.

You’ll need patience. But you can work on solving the problem. You want your dog to come to you as soon as possible, but be glad when your dog responds to recall even it takes them a while to come to you. When your dog comes to your call give hearty praise, this will encourage him to return in the future.

Be consistent

“Yes, Fido, you can jump up this time, but another time I will push you off the couch in disgust.” You shouldn’t do this to your dog because it makes little sense. By doing this what you are actually doing is praising for unwanted behaviour one minute and chastising the same action later.

Imagine how puzzled you would be if you wanted to please someone, but their reactions to you varied. Your success would be random. Soon, you would stop trying. Dogs feel the same when people change their minds about expected behaviours. Consistency is the key to successful commands.

Time rewards

Timing is vital when you give rewards for desired behaviours. Providing food treats too late, and you’ll confuse. Your dog thinks you like what he does the second you offer a treat.

If he leaps at your face, licks your ankles, or barks, he will do the same again and expect a reward. Whether you use a training clicker, verbal praise, or treats, time your rewards well. Your canine companion will like your clear guidance.

Inaccurate commands cause dog training problems. But there are solutions. Praise your pal at the right time and be consistent when teaching basic rules. Also, stay calm if the results are slow. You’ll be a more successful dog trainer and have a better relationship with your dog.

To learn how to clicker train your dog, you may find this clicker training book helpful.

3 Basic Dog Training Problems and Their Solutions
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