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Is your dog out of shape? An out of shape dog often has an out of shape owner. While there are ways to exercise your dog while being lazy yourself, it only makes sense to get in shape together. Just like people, dogs that are healthy and fit are happier and live longer. .

Your dog doesn’t ask much from you but provides so much. Give your dog and yourself the gift of fitness and longevity.

Person cycling with their dog running alongside.


Most dogs are naturally excellent swimmers. Swimming is a very healthy, low-impact exercise for you and your dog.

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog. It’s not always easy for them to figure out how to get out of the water when they start to tire.

Where Can I Swim With My Dog?

Look for places like Saltdean Lido for organised dog swimming events. There are events arranged around the country at certain times of the year. Try performing an online search to find dog swimming events in your area.

Avoid swimming with your dog in freshwater lakes and ponds, especially at certain times of the year when blue-green algae are present. Doing this can be fatal for your dog.

Read my post about blue-green algae and what to look out for.

You can take your dog for a swim in the sea. Make sure that you are near your dog at all times and that they wear a dog life jacket. Always avoid swimming when the sea is rough.

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Dogs love to go for walks, but they love to hike even more. The variety of terrain and smells is more interesting to the average dog. The natural surface is much easier on their feet than a concrete path. Hiking is a great stress reliever for dogs and humans.

Consider how much time wild animals like foxes spend “hiking” each day. It’s a very natural activity for your dog. At one time, humans spent most of their day hiking, too.


Dogs love to camp. Camping goes great with swimming and hiking. Try it once with your dog and see how much you both enjoy it.


Rollerblading isn’t as popular as it once was, but it’s still a great activity to do with your dog. It’s a great way to pick up the pace, which your dog will love, without being too hard on the owner. Make sure you do it in a safe place like a park that has a path with a smooth surface.


You’ve probably seen a few people on bikes with their dog trotting beside them. This is another way to give your dog the speed he craves without overextending yourself.

Biking together might take a little practice and training to make it work, but it’s worth the effort.


Jogging is a great workout for both of you. Take it easy if you haven’t been jogging recently and consistently. Consider this to be an advanced activity for both of you.


The old standby is always available. Every dog is excited by the prospect of a walk. Just pull the lead out of the cupboard and watch your dog go bonkers.

Some owners teach their dogs to walk on a treadmill, however, this doesn’t help the owner get fit! It’s more healthy for both dog and owner to go for a walk outdoors.

Dog treadmills can come in handy for anyone housebound and unable to walk their dog.

Playing Fetch

Traditional fetch is great for your dog but doesn’t do much to help you get in shape. Mix it up a bit. Throw the ball, and then you both run after it. You’ll never win, but you’ll get some great exercise in the process. Get the ball back from your dog and repeat. See who decides to give up first. Why not invest in a Frisbee, dog’s love them!

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Dogs love to be active, but they’re quite content to sleep the day away if there’s nothing else to keep them occupied. Just because your dog is content lying around all day doesn’t make it acceptable.

You can share time and get in shape together. Lose a few pounds and increase your fitness together. You’ll both have a great time.

How to get fit with your dog, follow these tips.
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