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What are the best bowls for dogs? Well, there are many different types of dog bowls available in different shapes, sizes, made from various materials. Some can be personalised with your pet’s name.

One type of dog bowl won’t suit everyone, it’s a matter of personal preference and what is most practical for your dog.

Dog Bowls with a Stand?

A dog bowl with a stand makes it easier for your dog to eat by bringing the food closer. This puts less strain on the neck, so these types of bowls are ideal for dogs with arthritis.

The bowls should be at chest height so that the dog doesn’t have to lift its neck up or down.

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Ceramic Dog Bowls

Ceramic bowls are easy to keep clean due to the glaze, however, they can break easily if dropped. If a crack or chip develops in the bowl, its best to throw it away as bacteria will thrive in the damaged area.

Ceramic bowls come in many colours and designs to suit your home and they look more attractive than plastic bowls. There are some lovely unique ceramic dog bowls on Etsy.

What are the Best Bowls for Dogs?

Are Metal Bowls Bad For Dogs?

Stainless steel metal bowls are great for dogs and they’re easy to clean. A stainless steel dog bowl is durable and won’t break when dropped.

When eating it can be noisy using these types of bowls as they slip around. Buying ones with a rubber lip will help by stopping the bowl from moving around.

Stainless steel metal dog bowls are rustproof, and long-lasting so a good fit for any dog.

Cons: Keep stainless steel bowls out of the hot sun and extreme cold because the bowl can heat up and get cold very quickly.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog Bowl?

Your dog’s bowls should be washed with hot soapy water after every meal. Bacteria can multiply in food left out and on the remains of meals left in bowls.

Never top up the bowl with food without washing it first, you could make your dog ill. I’ve seen people do this and it shocks me because we wouldn’t serve our dinner on dirty plates would we?

Plastic Dog Bowls

Plastic dog bowls are cheap to buy and readily available, so ideal if you’re on a tight budget, however, they can be light and flimsy and will skid around the floor when the dog is eating. Placing them on a tray will help stop this.

Plastic dog bowls can be easily chewed up by dogs. If your dog tends to chew everything, stainless steel or a ceramic bowl would be a better option.

Glass Dog Bowls

Glass is very easy to clean, so is a good hygienic option for a dog bowl. The heavier the glass the better to avoid breakage which can cause injury to you and your pet.

There are some great-looking glass dog bowls available, I’ve added a few below for you to take a look at.

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What’s your favourite dog bowl?

What dog bowls are the best?
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