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The Cavoodle is a mix of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. The Cavoodle is a lovely-looking dog that has continued to grow in popularity. It is now more commonly known as the ‘Cavapoo’ since it made its way to the USA and UK. 


Is Cavoodle a Recognised Breed?

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The Cavoodle is not a recognised breed because it is a crossbreed and its appearance can vary a great deal.

Are Cavoodles Good Pets?

Cavoodles make great family pets because they are very friendly dogs. They can suffer from separation anxiety though, so if you are out of the house a lot you may need to make sure to arrange to have some company for the dog like a pet sitter popping in.

How Much Exercise Does a Cavoodle Need?

One walk a day of around 30-60 minutes is usually enough for a Cavoodle. This can be split into two shorter walks. They do need mental stimulation, so a daily walk is important for your dog or they may become destructive and chew your furniture.

Are Cavoodles Fussy Eaters?

Cavoodles’ have a reputation for sensitive stomachs. They can be sensitive to certain foods and also be fussy eaters. If your dog isn’t eating, there may be something in the ingredients upsetting your dog’s stomach. Look for artificial ingredients and try switching to a food made with natural ingredients.

How Big Does a Cavoodle Get?

This depends on whether you have the toy or a mini variety. The toy Cavoodle is smaller and usually weighs around 6 kg growing between 25 – 38 cm in height. The mini variety can weigh up to 12 kg and reach a height of 45 cm.

Does a Cavoodle Bark a Lot?

Cavoodles tend to bark when they want your attention, if they hear something, see a stranger or when they hear a loud noise. They aren’t ones to constantly yap.

Is a Cavoodle Easy to Train?

Being in the Poodle lineage makes a Cavoodle easy to train. They are very smart dogs. Cavoodles like to please their owners and will learn quickly to follow commands with rewards and positive reinforcement training.

What is the Cavoodle Price?

In the UK if you buy a Cavoodle from a reputable breeder, expect to pay between £1000 – £3000. Being a popular breed, they come with an expensive price tag!

How to Groom a Cavoodle

Cavoodles shed very little making their coats very low maintenance. A full groom and trim every six weeks are usually what’s needed. This can be done by yourself or a professional groomer. Cavoodles need regular brushing to avoid the matting of the coat.

The best brush to use is a slicker brush. This brush will gently take the knots out of the undercoat while removing the loose hair on the outer coat.

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Find out about the Cavoodle, a lovely-looking dog that has continued to grow in popularity.
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