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Marvin the Moose is from KONG’s stuffed toys line and is intended for more gentle dogs who don’t usually chew stuffed toys. This toy is great for dogs who enjoy stuffed companions and those that like gently gnawing at their toys.

Marvin the Moose is made with “minimal stuffing” per KONG but still makes a pretty big mess if your dog chews it up. As always, it’s best to supervise your dog with all toys. However, Marvin the Moose is mostly safe.

Marvin the Moose KONG Review

Squeaker Dog Toy

Marvin the Moose includes a squeaker to entice your dog to play. Dogs who love the sound of a squeaker toy will really like this KONG squeaker, but it’s a no-go for tougher dogs or any dog who loves to chew roughly.

Marvin the Moose might be a better fit for older dogs or young puppies. However, Marvin the Moose is made with a thicker than normal fabric so dogs who like to dissect the squeakers from their toys but aren’t otherwise extremely rough, might not ruin this one as quickly.

Stuffed Dog Toy

This is a stuffed dog toy and is ideal for dogs who prefer to play with stuffed animals as a comfort toy or to carry around in their mouths as if carrying a puppy.

Puppies seem to especially like this toy when they’re missing their littermates. Marvin the Moose is also helpful in soothing separation anxiety.

If you have a smaller dog and you’d prefer to avoid a toy that’s bigger than your dog, or if you have a giant breed like a Saint Bernard and are worried they’ll lose the toy in their mouth and choke, you’re in luck. Marvin the Moose comes in small, medium, and extra-large.

Where to Buy Marvin The Moose

Marvin the Moose is available on Amazon, along with the other animals from the KONG plush line.

If you’re not sure if your dog will destroy it or not, it’s worth a try as it’s not overly priced at around the £10 mark and KONG is a good brand.

If it does hold up through initial use, your dog could have a favourite toy for a long time.

Marvin the Moose KONG Review
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