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Dog tags can be annoying when you want a bit of peace and quiet, especially if you’re trying to sleep and the dog is near you scratching. If you’re in the middle of watching a film, that jingle can spoil your viewing every time your dog moves about. There are silent dog tags that can replace the standard tag and there is a fix you can use for your existing tag.

Silent dog tags

Slide On Dog Tag

You could try a slide on dog tag where the collar slides through. There won’t be any jingling noise with one of these tags.

A slide on dog tag is safer than a standard tag because it doesn’t have a split ring hanging down in the way.

Our dog managed to catch his dew claw in the split ring of his tag. Luckily I was at home to help him out. Since then his collar is removed whenever we have to go out as a safety precaution.

No Noise Collar Tags made of Stainless Steel. Custom Engraved.

Silicone Dog Tags & Silencers

An easy fix to your dog’s existing tag is to use a silicone dog tag silencer. The tags pictured below come complete with glow in the dark silencers.

You can buy cheap silicone dog tag silencers on their own to fit over your dog’s tag.

Personalised Dog Tags in Stainless Steel, Includes Glow in the Dark Tag Silencer to Reduce Noise while Protecting Pet Tag & Engraving, Engraved on Both Front & Back.

A nice silicone dog tag like this one will keep noise to a minimum. Silicone tags come in many colours with glow in the dark styles available.

A Rubber Band Quick Fix

As a quick fix, try using a rubber band by wrapping it around the jangling tags. This won’t last long though, so buying tag silencers would be a better option.

Ideas For Silent Dog Collar Tags

Stainless Steel On Collar Dog Tags Engraved Customized No Noise Dog ID Tags.

Have the collar personalised instead? Personalised Leather Dog Collar Four Sizes 4 colours Laser Hand Finished in the UK.

A wooden dog id tag is quieter than a standard tag. This one is made from real walnut wood. Personalised Wooden Pet Tag.

This collar has the dog’s details engraved on a metal buckle, so there’s no need for a separate tag. Personalised Floral Dog Collar with engraved buckle.

As you can see there are a few things you can try if those noisy tags get on your nerves. Do you know of any other fixes? Let us know in the comments.

Silent dog tags and fixes to try.
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