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It’s important to look after your dog during lockdown. Follow these tips to make sure your dog’s health and wellbeing are cared for during this tough time.

Look after your dog during lockdown
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Engage Your Dog’s Mind 

Regardless of your dog’s breed, it will have special skills and abilities that need to be nurtured, especially during a pandemic lockdown when opportunities for outdoor activities are somewhat limited.

If your dog is very intelligent and energetic, you will need to have a variety of interesting and new toys for it to play with. Toys promote excellent brain health and tire your dog out mentally while indoors for long periods.

Dog tug toys made from fleece.
*Image Credit TheHairyHounds

Tug toys are a great way to burn off excess energy and bond with your dog. We love these handmade *Dog Tug Toys made from fleece using a four-way knot plait. Available in 3 sizes.

If your dog is more active than intelligent consider some high intensity walks in your area. Uphill walks are recommended. 

Socialise Your Dog 

In some cases your dog will be pleased to have you around more often, it means they have company instead of stretches of time when there’s no one at home. This is good news for the social health of your dog, but they will still require interaction with other dogs to remain healthy.

Obviously, this can be a tricky situation with the social distancing rules, but there are some dog parks that will allow your pets to interact while you keep a safe distance. As always, follow the Covid protocol for hygiene after contact. 

Give Your Pup a Home 

With the global pandemic in full swing, there are more people in the home than ever before. Most of your family will be around the house working and living. Depending on your dog’s personality and training they may enjoy this or find it difficult.

In some cases, they might even become territorial. Remember that your dog needs it’s space too and facilitate this with a room in the home where they can relax and escape or a kennel outside. Make your dog’s home comfortable with blankets and toys, and get some household flea spray for your carpets, rugs and sofas, if possible.

*Image Credit TheFreshPets

This *soft fluffy calming dog bed will allow your pet to burrow in a corner and feel safe, improving its sleep and overall health. Available on Etsy from The Fresh Pets.

Build Your Pup’s Confidence 

Your dog is a sensitive animal with a rich mental and emotional life, the chances are that your pet will also be adversely affected by the pandemic situation.

Try to be aware of this when interacting with your dog and monitor their mood. If you notice signs of depression such as lethargy, and lack of appetite, you might want to introduce some interesting new toys or new places for them to walk.

Build your dog’s confidence and improve their mood by giving them small tasks to perform and rewarding them with treats. 

Maintain Good Health 

Your dog is a member of your family, the same as your children and your older relatives. It’s important to look after your dog’s health in the same way you look after your own health or the health of your parents.

Always buy them the healthiest food you can find. Even if they don’t particularly like it at first, they will soon get used to it and it will improve their overall health.

Reduce the treats you give them – only offer them treats in special circumstances and provide them with plenty of fresh air and activity to exercise either mind.

Lockdown is hard for everyone, including your pet dog, the best we can do is to look after our mental and emotional health this winter and stay positive. 

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