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Follow these tips on how to introduce a second dog into the family.

Just like childeren get jeolous, dogs can too and this may happen when you introduce a second dog to the family.

Dogs are very territorial. Some even resent other pets being around their owners.

Behaviour You May Experience

Your dog will assert his dominance and may fight with the new dog, eat his food, and generally play in a rough manner.

This is normal and should not be interfered with unless it gets out of hand. The new dog will have to play a subordinate role until he is fully accepted by your dog.

Separate Them For a While

When first bringing the new dog home, you may wish to separate them for a while. Your dog will know there is another dog in the house from the scent. Let the new dog settle for a while.

When they do meet, try not to favour your pet over the new dog. Treat them both equally. It will take time for the new dog to settle into his new surroundings, and it will take your pet time to get used to the new arrival.

If he behaves badly towards the new dog, call him to come to another room. Play and interact with him. Use constant praise when he listens then offer him a treat when he obeys your commands and displays good behaviour towards your new dog.

Establish a routine that involves both pets. If you give one dog a treat, ensure you give the other dog a treat. If you buy dog toys, they may fight over them for a while. They will work it out in time, do not feel you have to intervene in everything they do.

The only time you should become involved is if they constantly fight. Eventually, a bond will form and they will become the best of friends. However, try not to leave them alone for long periods of time, especially in the beginning.

No matter what other pets you may introduce to your dog, remember that it takes time, patience, love and attention.

How To Introduce A Second Dog
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