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Stress-related illnesses are at an all time high nowadays.

Unhealthy levels of stress show up as mood changes, migraines, hair loss, worry, agitation, sleeplessness, weight gain and the more serious level; depression.

Before you see your doctor for help try to consider these natural options.

Get A Dog

One doctor’s research of 480 people under stressful conditions found that the best stress reducers are dogs. People who were facing unbearable situations had the lowest heart rates and blood pressure if they were with their dogs – even lower than those who were with the spouses. Possible reason: Dogs are perceived as completely nonjudgmental.


Laughter is a great antidote to stress. When we laugh, blood flow to the brain is increased and endorphins the hormones that gives us a sense of well-being are released and levels of stress drop dramatically. 

Playing with a dog creates joy and laughter and in turn relieves stress.

Be More Sociable

Force yourself to be more sociable because under stress our instincts tell us to withdraw and isolate ourselves. Nothing could be worse according to stress experts. Isolation allows us to concentrate on our problems, which perpetuates negative thinking – instead of resolving it, we intensify it. When you feel stressed to the max, call a friend or put yourself among children; they have a way of making anyone forget their worries. Volunteer work is a good stress-buster. Get out and about with your dog. When walking your dog every day you meet new people, start chatting and form relationships.

Dogs Can Reduce Stress
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