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Chewing is a natural part of being a puppy, especially when teething.

It’s best to keep your puppy away from pieces of furniture that are likely to get chewed especially when you can’t be around to keep an eye on them all the time.

I remember when my dog was a pup, he grabbed my new living room curtains and was tugging on them. I managed to get him off them before his teeth went through!

It can be a very frustrating time, but puppies do eventually learn and will grow out of it, I know it doesn’t seem they will, but they do. Here are 4 ways to stop puppy chewing.

Get A Playpen

One thing I found a godsend when my dog was a pup was having a puppy playpen. It is brilliant!

Large enough to fit a bed, food, water and a corner where your puppy can go to the toilet on puppy training pads. Playpens have plastic bottoms so that when your puppy does go to the toilet it doesn’t ruin your floor or carpet and all you have to do is clean the bottom of the playpen.

Obviously, your puppy can’t stay in the playpen all the time so for the time he’s out of it and running loose around the house, here are some tips to avoid chewing.

Don’t Leave Things Lying Around

Don’t leave shoes, socks, and items of clothing around the house that your puppy is likely to pick up and chew. Hide the remote control, keep mobile phones well out of sight. Make sure wires aren’t exposed.

Encourage Your Puppy To Play With His Own Toys

Encourage your puppy to play with his own toys and make sure there’s plenty for him to play with and have a good chew on. Keep him occupied as much as you can.

Praise your puppy every time he plays with his own toys and chews his bones and dog chews.

If he picks up anything he’s not allowed, firmly say “No” and remove it from his mouth, then put it out of sight. Redirect him to play with one of his own toys.

Stop Hand Chewing

Another habit that needs to be nipped in the bud pretty quickly is hand chewing. This is not good if the dog continues to do it into adulthood.

Again firmly say “No” then gently remove your hands from your dog’s mouth, don’t try to pull your hands away quickly as the dog may latch on further and tug. When he’s let go redirect him to his toys and praise him when he’s good.

It’s always best to praise good behaviour and give your puppy a treat. This way he will learn what is expected of him in a positive way.

4 Ways To Stop Puppy Chewing
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