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Walking your dog in the Summer Pin Image

The hot days and long nights are here. We all like to spend more time outdoors in good weather. When walking your dog in the Summer you have to think about the welfare of your dog at this time though because it can be dangerous in certain circumstances.

Carry Water

When out walking always carry a *dog water bottle so your dog can have a drink when needed. In hot weather, a dog just like us will get thirsty a lot quicker and dehydrated if not given sufficient water.

Best Time To Walk Your Dog

Try to avoid walking your dog at the hottest part of the day, hot pavements can burn your dog’s paws. Stick to early morning or evening, walk on grass rather than concrete. Dogs can suffer from heatstroke just like we can.

Dogs can also get burnt from the sun, areas prone to burning are the nose, ears and areas where there isn’t so much hair. Walking them at cooler times of the day is best when the sun is not so strong.

Take Care Near Water

When out walking your dog in Summer water can be tempting, a dip in the sea, river, pond or canal can be fun but it’s important to stay safe especially where there are currents and tides.

Certain types of algae that grow in freshwater can be poisonous to dogs. Play it safe and keep your dog out of the water, it can’t always be seen.

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