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Having a* GPS tracker for your dog could be a lifesaver. For instance, your dog could run off somewhere and if he wasn’t in sight it would be very difficult to locate him.

Never Lose Your Dog With A GPS Tracker

Your dog could be injured while out walking and may not able to come back to you. With a tracker, you’d be able to locate his whereabouts quickly and easily.

*Tractive uses real-time cellular GPS live tracking, it doesn’t matter where you are or at what time it is. This device works worldwide, you’ll always be connected to your dog or cat and be able to see the exact location of your pet on any browser or smartphone.

Virtual Fence

Tractive has a feature called virtual fence (geofence). This immediately notifies you when your pet leaves a pre-defined safe area. This could be set to notify you when your dog leaves the back garden for example.

Tractive Edition 2019 GPS Dog and Activity Tracker. Waterproof dog tracking device with unlimited rangeTractive Edition 2019 GPS Dog and Activity Tracker. Waterproof dog tracking device with unlimited range

Monitor Activity

Keep tabs on your dog’s fitness level and set activity goals for your dog. Keep him fit and healthy using the useful information the Tractive provides in the dog daily activity records.

Location History & Sharing

See all the places where your dog has been with the location history and share your dog’s location with family and friends. (Sharing is a premium feature).


The device is small & lightweight, 100% waterproof and shock-resistant. It weighs less than 30g and has an interchangeable battery that will last 2-5 days depending on use and the strength of the cellular signal. Charging takes less than 3 hours.

The tracker easily fits different sized collars with a flexible clip and mount.

Tractive GPS trackers do require a subscription plan, this covers the cost for data communication and only charges a flat subscription fee.

Choose between different options on the *Tractive website here.

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Never Lose Your Dog With A GPS Tracker
See the exact location of your dog on any browser or smartphone
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