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Here are a few facts about the feisty little Jack Russell Terrier, should you be thinking of owning one, to help you decide if this is the right dog for you.

The Jack Russell Terrier was originally bred as a ratter and has been around for about 200 years. This breed varies in size and shape.

The Parson Russell Terrier developed in the 1800s is the breed with long legs and used to hunt with horses. This is the breed we own!

Jack Russell

Are Jack Russell Terriers Good Pets?

Jack Russells are affectionate dogs and make great pets. They can sometimes be dominant and may snap if handled roughly, making them better suited to families with older children who understand how to handle them.

Do Jack Russells Bark A Lot?

Jack Russell’s are territorial and will bark at sudden noises and animals they feel unsure about. It’s important to stop excessive barking as soon as it starts and reward good behaviour. A Jack Russell makes a good guard dog and will warn you if they hear noises.

At What Age Do Jack Russells Calm Down?

Our Jack Russell is still as boisterous as when he was a puppy and charges around like the Tasmanian Devil! They do calm down somewhat and stop chewing everything in sight. I don’t think they calm down until a lot later in life.

How Long Does a Jack Russell Live?

The average lifespan of a Jack Russell is around 13-16 years.

Jack Russell Temperament

Jack Russells are clever and fearless dogs. They are lively, independent and can often be a handful when training.

Jack Russells make great little guard dogs, they will warn you when anyone comes near the house as they are bred to protect and hunt.

They are also extremely affectionate with family. Whoever said that dogs don’t like cuddles was wrong, my dog loves cuddles.

You may also find that your dog becomes very attached and follows you around. Find out why in this informative post: Why does my Jack Russell follow me everywhere?

Jack Russell Coat Types

A Jack Russells’ coat tends to shed and comes in three types:

Smooth – This coat is smooth and lies in one direction.

Course – This coat is wiry and rough in texture.

Broken – This coat is a combination of both types above.

Jack Russell Coat Colours

Jack Russell coats are mainly the colours of white, black and tan, the tan can vary in different shades.

Jack Russell Books

If you’re thinking of owning a Jack Russell, you may find these books useful:

You and Your Jack Russell Puppy in a nutshell: The essential owner’s guide to perfect puppy parenting.

The Happy Jack Russell Terrier: Raise Your Puppy to a Happy, Well-Mannered Dog.

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