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Furbo Dog Camera

We all have busy lives, often our dogs are left at home while we are out at work, many people can only get out of work at lunchtime to visit their dogs and give them some much-needed company.

There is a solution that will give you peace of mind and allow you to monitor your dog while you aren’t around called the *Furbo Dog Camera.

The Furbo tosses a treat for your dog remotely and can be filled with over 100 pieces of your favourite dog treats. It also allows you to take photos and record videos.

*Remote interaction such as treat tossing can help ease dog separation anxiety.

Furbo Dog Camera

How to set up

It’s easy to set up by plugging into a power socket using the USB cord.

Download the app which is available on iOS and Android and then connect to your home Wi-Fi.

Furbo Dog Camera Features

See your dog clearly day and at night with a camera that has night vision

Talk to your dog with the 2 -way chat. There’s also a handy barking alert. The Furbo will notify you when it senses your dog barking and will allow you to talk through the device to calm your dog down.

Luckily I work from home most of the time and can be around for my dog. I think this is a great idea for those who can’t.

Have you got a dog camera? Let us know in the comments below.

Furbo Dog Camera
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