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Dog Skin Allergies


We have a dog that suffers from a lot of allergies which cause sore skin and ear infections on a regular basis. Any dog with allergies will often chew their paws, scratch a lot and have sore patches.

Allergies can be caused by the food a dog eats, pollen, insects, plants and animal dander.

Our dog has reactions to food and from plants/trees. There is very little food on the market that doesn’t contain an allergen which will cause him to flare up. The build-up of wax in his ears from his problems also causes regular ear infections.

It’s important to have pet insurance because the tests for allergies are very expensive. If your dog suffers from allergies, expect to have to purchase regular medication.

Our dog was on steroids for a long time and because it’s not good to be on steroids too long the vet has recently changed his medication to one called Apoquel which seems to be working OK at the moment.

He will probably need to have treatment for life and I’m so glad he is insured.

Does your dog suffer from allergies?  Please comment below with what treatment and food work best for you.

Dog Skin Allergies

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