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Your dog is part of your family, and so naturally, you’ll want to keep your pooch happy and healthy. Owning a dog can be hard work, they’ll take up lots of your time and attention, but of course, they are well worth the effort! Dog ownership means learning about plenty of different things, from pet nutrition to dog training and proper health care. These five apps can support you in keeping your dog safe, well behaved and happy.

5 Top Apps For Dog Owners

1 . Puppr

Puppr was created by famous dog trainer, Sara Carson (you might remember her from America’s Got Talent). The Puppr app provides users with video lessons so they can teach their dog plenty of fun new tricks.

There are over 70 sessions on the app featuring special lessons from Sarah and the Super Collies! Got a question about dog tricks or training? Feel free to pop Sarah a message on the chat, and she’ll get back to you with some top advice.

2. Bring Fido

Bring Fido is an app to help dog owners find restaurants, hotels, and attractions where dogs are welcome. Whether you’re looking for a dog park or a dog-friendly cafe, Bring Fido can help you plan your days out.

Users can search for hotels according to popularity, distance, price or rating. You can also search for hotels that won’t charge you a fee for bringing your dog. You can even book your hotels directly through Bring Fido.

If you need assistance, reach out to the app’s ‘Pet Travel Experts’. Users can also leave reviews of their favourite pet-friendly places, and share pics with fellow dog lovers. When you know all the best pet-friendly places in town, you can organize plenty of fun trips with your pet!

3. Pet First Aid App 

The Pet First Aid app was created by the American Red Cross; here, you’ll find lots of handy veterinary advice to help you keep your dog healthy. The application offers a wide range of content, including videos, quizzes, and step-by-step guides.

You can get advice on giving your dog medication and receive guidance in emergencies. The app also offers tips to help with the behaviour of your dog. With the Pet First Aid app, you can access contact numbers of vets and info on pet- friendly hotels.

With this application on your phone, you’ll feel reassured that you can get support at the click of a button.

 4.  iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker 

This application uses a training clicker, a dog whistle, and animal sound effects to help you to train your dog. The dog whistle allows you to customize the frequency from 100hz to 35hz. Perhaps there’s a particular sound your dog just loves? Whether it’s the doorbell ringing or a special toy, you can record the sound and use it as part of the training.

The iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker provides lots of useful info on positive reinforcement and obedience. Some doggies take a short while to train, while others can be a little more difficult.

Don’t be discouraged if your dog takes a while to get into a good training routine. Magazines like Dog’s Today and Your Dog are useful to find a few more training tips.

 5. iKibble

Many dog owners like to give their dog leftovers, but the issue is, many foods we eat can be harmful to dogs. iKibble helps you to keep your dog safe and healthy by checking which foods you can and cannot give them.

The iKibble app features hundreds of food types and an inbuilt search filter. It’s simple to search for appropriate foods and access information fast.

Using the iKibble app, dog owners can browse foods by health rating, share info with friends, and get general nutritional advice. Using the app, you can avoid the foods that are toxic for dogs.

 Supporting your dog’s health

Providing your dog with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is vital for good health. Besides this, it can be useful to give your dog extra vitamins and supplements. Time for paws has an excellent range of dog vitamins and supplements, as well as dog food, hygiene products, grooming supplies, and more. 

B vitamins are great for the health of your dog, for example, vitamin B6, which is important for red blood cell function and immune response. Thiamine is also a good vitamin for dogs, to activate and support energy regulation. Vitamin D is beneficial to help your dog maintain healthy bones and muscles.

These five apps can support you in keeping your dog safe, well behaved and happy.
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