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Once you’ve gone through the stress of dog training and house-training your pooch, everyone looks forward to all the fun times they will have with their loyal companion. And more of the time, that’s what you get. You can enjoy hours of laughter and play while getting some much-needed exercise. However, sometimes your dog might not seem like themselves and this can cause concern. If your dog seems sluggish, consider these five fixes. 

Sluggish dog

Check for Injuries 

Injuries are some of the most common reasons your dog is sluggish. Of course, some injuries are not easy to see, especially strains and sprains that can make it painful to move. Even so, look out for limping or slow, careful movement. If it’s not an internal issue, your dog may have cut their paw or even have something stuck between their toes. Inspect these areas by pulling back the fur and gently checking for any signs of abrasions or other problems that affect their well-being.

Adjust Their Diet 

The food you are feeding your dog could also be an issue. If your pet is not getting enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, they will lack the energy they need to be their usual self this typically happens when they experience a sudden change in what they eat, such as buying cheaper dog food or even treating them to human food in abundance. While a little treat here and there won’t make much difference, overindulgence can turn your pet into a greedy little monster. Instead, look for high-quality options like Pet Food at Gladwells Pet to give your dog everything they need to stay fit and healthy. 

Entertain Them 

Sometimes, your dog may just be bored. They do not have the stimulus around the house to keep them occupied, so they eventually become lethargic. This can happen if you haven’t taken them to play for a while or let them spend time with other dogs. You can use the best games to play with your dog inside to help them burn off some energy on rainy days or other times when you’re unable to get out of the house for too long. 

Cool Them Down

Likewise, the heat could be too much for them, which makes every effort feel twice as challenging. You should be able to tell if your dog is too hot because it will be panting heavily. Get them out of the sun, crank up the AC, and give them plenty of water. You can also invest in a cooling mat to help regulate their temperature.

Take Them to the Vet 

If your dog is still sluggish, it is likely a sign of an illness, such as a stomach bug. Taking your dog to the vet can clear this up. At the very least, it will provide vital peace of mind, and you know your dog will be okay.

Best Friend

As energetic as your dog can be, there may be other times when they do not feel their best. There are several reasons why they seem sluggish, but the good news is that most of them are not a cause for concern. If your pooch is not as energetic as usual, consider these possibilities to help them return to their happy, tail-wagging best.

Revive your dog's energy with these 5 fixes for sluggishness. Get them back to their lively self in no time!
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