GoSports Pets PupsCream Parlor – Non-Slip Frozen Dog Treat & Ice Cream Holder – Mess-Free Lick Mat Alternative, Includes 6 Reusable Cups & Lids

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MESS-FREE FROZEN TREAT HOLDER: Revolutionary, patent-pending holder stays in place to keep pets from taking their frozen snacks to eat on the floor, couch or bed; A modern, easy alternative to freezing treats inside a rubber dispensing toy; Also saves time without hand feeding dog ice cream, protect against messes and save money with homemade recipes.

USE STORE BRAND OR SAVE WITH DIY RECIPES: Fits most store-bought dog ice cream cups, such as Frosty Paws and Dogsters; No more wasted time having to hold the cup for your dog, simply insert it into the base holder and let your dog do the rest; Holder also keeps your dog from sliding the cup around or chewing on the carton.

INCLUDES 6 REUSABLE CUPS: Serve up DIY, money-saving recipes your dog will love with the included PupsCream cups and lids; Blend healthy dog-safe ingredients together (recipe ideas included), pour into the cups, and freeze to serve; Instantly swap cups for back to back uses, unlike difficult to clean alternatives.

PREMIUM EASY-TO-CLEAN MATERIALS: Made from food-safe materials; Wash the serving cups in the dishwasher between uses and easily wipe down the base with soap and water when necessary; Finally no more messy pet treats, keep your home clean and your dog happy.

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